Intensity – Intimate Health & Wellness Device for Women


Intensity, born from a medical device, is the only intimate health product available that combines pleasure with pelvic floor toning, giving you a workout you won’t want to miss. Learn more at .

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that surround the vagina and support other structures in the pelvis. Keeping these muscles tight and toned is essential to women’s health, and to having a fantastic orgasm.

When Intensity is inserted and customized to liking, you will feel the fullness of the device perfectly position the internal g-spot vibrator, external clitoral vibrator and the muscle stimulation contacts. We recommend beginning your experience with vibration, choosing from 5 levels that range from zero to 25,000 rotations per minute.

Once those “good vibrations” have done their job, the addition of the internal muscle stimulation spreads a gentle tingle throughout your vagina. As you increase the level of stimulation, you begin to feel your muscles contract, gripping against the probe. Before you know it, you are left breathless and feel great about it knowing that with every pleasurable contraction, you tightened and toned your muscles, keeping them fit and healthy.

So go ahead, carve out some “me time” with Intensity on a daily basis – its pleasure with a purpose!

In fact, Cosmo calls it "THE ORGASM GAME-CHANGER." A potential revolution for female pleasure, Intensity will provide you the intense pleasure you seek, while tightening and toning your vaginal muscles. The combination of internal and external vibration, paired with rhythmic internal muscle toning and a customized fit will help you to understand why we call it Intensity.


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