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At the core of EnergyCare’s technology foundation is the simple fact that the human body is made of almost 70% water across a lifetime, your molecular water structure encounters many negative and toxic influences which may harm your body’s overall performance. This includes a myriad of health challenges :
 Personal injury and/or Rehabilitation program
 Electromagnetic contamination from cell phones, PDAs and electronics
 Illness and chronic conditions
 Negligible eating and/or drinking habits
 Lack of exercise and poor hydration
 Insomnia and restlessness
 Tobacco, second hand smoke and air pollution
 Stress of daily living/depression
 Flexibility, balance and strength goals
Changes are that at least one item on this list concerns you or a loved one on a daily basis. EnergyCare USA may provide you with opportunity to meet health challenges head on.

Our products contain a brand new scientific discovery called AtraxliteTM. This proprietary technology consists of a high, positive frequency which is embedded inside our products. This high frequency may positively impact the body by attracting natural light energy and pulling it into the bloodstream, thereby maximizing the body’s ability to absorb natural light energy. Being that the human body is made of almost 70% water, the natural light energy that is absorbed may begin to align and restructure stressed water molecules through the Molecular Alignment process, or MAPTM. This process can potentially improve oxygen flow throughout the body, strengthening parthways of energy and correcting your unbalanced energy levels. EnergyCare products are intended to aid the body in returning to its natural state EnergyCare products are intended to aid the body in returning to its natural state.

EnergyCare USA manufactures a holistic line of sports, health and wellness products for a wide variety of lifestyles. Our heartfelt testimonials are a tribute to the effectiveness of our products. Individual results may vary, but for many, using EnergyCare may pave the way to:
 Improved health and wellness
 Greater flexibility and range of motion
 Better sleep habits and restfulness
 More power, better balance and increased energy
 A heightened competitive adge

Anyone – regardless of age, gender, physical capability or lifestyle – may benefit from EnergyCare. We suggest placement of the product in close proximity to any area of your body that is experiencing stress or localized pain. EnergyCare’s technology is built to stand the test of time and will not lose its effectiveness.


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